Fresh homemade pastries


Muffin              $2.50

Chocolate Chip Cookie.      $1.95

Loaded Banana Bread.       $2.75

Sticky Bun            $2.75

Baked Oatmeal    $3.15

*served with  steamed milk


Bagel                       $2.35

   w/Butter              $2.80

   w/cream cheese $3.20

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich     $4.25   

(available all day or until supplies last)

Sausage or Bacon, Egg, American or Muenster Cheese,

Add-ons: lettuce, tomato, avocado

avocado toast.jpg

Brunch items

Fresh Fruit Salad            $2.45

Fruit & Yogurt Parfait    $3.45

Avocado Toast                 $3.99

Loaded Avocado Toast   $5.24

Quiche of the Month         $6.35

(served with greens or a fresh fruit salad)

Egg Bake (GF)                 $5.75

(served with greens or a fresh fruit salad)

Lunch and Dinner items
served11am - 2pm Monday - Thursday
11am - 7pm Friday
11am - 4pm Saturday



The "Ruth" Panini          $9.75

Roasted turkey, bacon, muenster cheese, greens, tomatoes and herb mayo

Chicken Salad Panini    $8.85

Our home made cranberry almond chicken salad, muenster cheese, greens and tomatoes.

Grilled Cheese               $6.35

Add Bacon, green or tomato for $.50


The Rosalie Salad               $9.65

A bed of greens topped with strawberries, blueberries, oranges, croutons and served with strawberry blush wine vinaigrette

*Add chicken salad or turkey for $1.25


soup of the

Bowl of Soup   $4.45

served with crackers

choose two:

Chose two from the half size of any of our panini sandwhiches, a bowl of soup or a small salad for  $9.65


kids meals

kids meals are served with goldfish, apple sauce and kids drink (apple juice, milk or chocolate milk)

Peanut Butter & Jelly        $5.59

Grilled Cheese                   $5.59

gluten free treats

Rice krispie treat      $1.99

Brownie                     $1.99

Coffee & Drink menu


Drinks - Hot 16oz

Brewed Coffee            $2.50

Espresso                     $2.50

Americano                 $2.50

Cappucinno  (8oz)    $3.60

Latte                           $4.00

Mocha   $4.90

Hot Chocolate   $4.00

Matcha Latte    $4,00

Chai Latte      $4.00

Dirty Chai Latte      $5.50

Hot Tea        $3.00

For the Kiddos

Hot Chocolate      $2.00

Steamer         $2.00


Flavor        $.60

Oat milk or Almond Milk       $1.25

Espresso Shot        $1.25

Cold Drinks - 16oz

Iced coffee     $2.50

Iced latte       $4.00

Iced Mocha   $4.90

Iced Chai Latte    $4.00

Iced Matcha Latte   $.00

Iced Dirty Chai Latte    $5.50

Iced Tea       $3.00


Frosted Coffee      $4.00

Frosted Mocha     $4.90


The Ivy     $5.50

Acai juice, banana $ strawberry puree

The Cash       $5.50

kale, pineapple, apple juice, banana

The Kiersten     $5.50

cacao, coconut, banana & pineapple

Strawberry Banana   $4.50