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The True Power in Prayer

written by Emily Schmidt

Starting Friday, March 5, join us and The Cracked Pot Prayer Team on the first Friday of each month (during our Worship Night) at 6:30pm to cover our past and present Cracked Pot youth and team in prayer.

The truth is that we are continuously fighting against the devil's attacks on our team and most importantly our youth that we love and care about so deeply.

We believe in the power of prayer and we have witnessed the victories that are won when we all come together at the foot of the cross to pray and give praise where it is needed most.

All of us have a plan and purpose. Our youth have already been attacked, used and abused by the enemy when they arrive at The Cracked Pot.

We feel it is absolutely necessary for us to take a stand on their behalf to fight and call on Jesus to protect them as they heal and focus on how their plan and future could look different from hurt in their pasts.

Thank you to all of you that are already praying with and for us on a regular basis. We have already witnessed God's faithfulness and goodness time and time again and we have YOU to thank for your ongoing commitment to us and God's work we are doing here at The Cracked Pot.

As spring returns, we believe it is a perfect opportunity to combine our worship nights with a dedicated time of prayer for all of our amazing youth and the team that works hard with them everyday so that we are all better equipped to go where God is leading us.

Please join us this Friday, March 5th at 6:30pm and every first Friday of the month for this very special and powerful evening of prayer, praise and worship.

If you would like to join the prayer team so you know specific prayer needs on a monthly basis, email Beth at

Again, we could not do what we do without the love, support and prayer from you, our fellow warriors!

Thank you for all you do to consistently fight our battles with us!!

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