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New Delicious Items To Our Menu!

(Your Internal Monologue) Do you know what sounds tasty right now? A bagel. With cream cheese. Mmm. Oh, or maybe even a bagel with that turkey, bacon sandwich thing on it from The Cracked the Ruth, but on a bagel! That’s it! Now that sounds good. Hmm, but actually I could still kinda go for breakfast. It is after all only 10:30...I wish I could have like a bagel sandwich but with egg, cheese and sausage. Ooo. That would just hit the spot.

Friends! We’ve been hearing your thoughts, and we are excited to announce that as of April 12th, The Cracked Pot will begin serving up bagels!!! We are thrilled to be partnering with Bagel Lovers Cafe, providing only the best to the world’s best customers.

Savory, sweet and plain - these are the three types of bagels and cream cheeses you will find at The CP on a regular basis. We will be rotating them seasonally to keep things interesting and to give you some fun choices. You’ll be able to enjoy any of our sandwiches or avocado toasts on any of the bagels. A little bit like Burger King’s “Have it your way”, huh?!

Along with all of that: drum roll please…..

Bagel breakfast sandwiches will be available from open until they sell out each day!!! You’ll get to choose between a sausage, egg and cheese bagel or a bacon, egg and cheese bagel.

You didn’t think The CP could hear your thoughts, did you? Hah!

We love our customers, and we have been so excited to finally make this work! But it doesn’t just stop here. Read on to discover some new “Grab and Go” food options as well as our quarterly seasonal menu!

Also starting on April 12th, a Half Rosalie Salad and Cup O’ Chicken Salad will be joining our Grab and Go items in the pastry fridge along with our standard fruit and yogurt parfaits and bottle drinks! This will be the perfect quick choice for when you’re running late to work and forgot to pack a lunch!

And last but certainly not least, here are our specials for the coming months:


  • Garden Veggie Quiche

  • Ham & Bean Soup

  • Honey Lavender Iced Earl Grey Tea


  • Meat Lover’s Quiche

  • Broccoli Cheddar Soup

  • Vanilla Rose Latte

  • Final month to get your Honey Lavender fill!!!


  • Greek Quiche

  • Cheeseburger Soup

  • Coconut Brown Sugar Iced Coffee

  • Mango, Raspberry, or Strawberry Iced Tea

  • And we’re bringin’ back our Iced Tea Lemonades!

Here’s to you, our amazing customers for putting in your requests and helping to make them happen! We are so excited for this new season and to welcome spring and summer in with these fun foods and drinks! Be sure to stop by on April 12th to be one of the first to grab a bagel from The CP with a cup of coffee! What a fun day that will be!

Much love,

Katie & The CP Team

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