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Meet Our New Neighbors: Paul B Hardware

Written by: Katie Parson

For years now we have been curious about what would fill the vacant lot across from our coffee shop. Long-time Mechanicsburgians have seen the building house a Giant grocery store, a furniture liquidator store, but they didn’t know what was coming next! There were many days our team members would take their breaks and walk around the lot praying for what would come, praying for a partnership, praying that God would have his way in our community for His glory and our good. How He has delivered!

Paul B. Hardware will be putting up residence this fall! Paul B. is a family-oriented, faith-founded company that provides services for “homeowners, industrial, commercial and agricultural customers around the world”.

PaulB is a full-line hardware store, with departments specializing in tools, paint, plumbing,

electrical, and agricultural parts. We stock thousands of heavy-duty and hard-to-find products, with an emphasis on products that provide value and are built to last. We also provide repair services for power tools, windows, screens, key cutting, and much more.

Mechanicsburg is bound to be blessed by their services and their incredible team as we at The Cracked Pot already have been. As soon as Paul B. pulled in, they sought out connection with us, and we are so grateful they did!

On December 15th we were asked to provide some goodies for their groundbreaking ceremony. We got to meet their development team and get to know more about what they stand for. We are all very excited to see what God has in store for our community knowing that we are right across the street from one another. While we are thrilled to partner with them to provide space for their meetings and engagements, they are looking forward to being a potential employer for some of our staff and volunteers as they come through and finish our program. We may also be knocking on their door someday soon to help us grow the CP!

Be sure to check out their website ( and Facebook ( And if you come to sip on a latte, you can watch their progress from our cozy porch this spring and summer!

Yours truly ~ The CP Team

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