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CP News:Live Worship Nights Are Back!

We took some time off from live worship events at The Cracked Pot Coffee Shop as Covid was a big concern. We feel that it's time to continue on with our tradition of hosting live worship nights.

More Than a Coffee House

The Cracked Pot Coffee Shop has always been more than a coffee shop. Before even opening the doors for operations, we dedicated this space in prayer and worship with our team of board members and partners. Our commitment to honor The Lord through worship has been a big part of our DNA as an organization and we have to intent on stopping what God has started!

We always knew worship nights was a vision for this space, but we had no idea how big of a response and draw we would get. Since our first live worship night we have seen worship groups, musicians, and artists come from all over central PA and beyond! With many churches and denominations represented, there has been a common theme that has united us and brought us all together, and that's pure sound of worship.

We are excited to re-launch our worship nights and see what God has in store for us as we invite back familiar groups and hear new groups from the area. We intent to hold these worship nights on Friday evenings from 6pm-9pm with coffee and beverages available for purchase. With plans to begin indoors we will eventually move these events to our outdoor space. We encourage you to join us, invite your friends and family. It's going to be an incredible year and we can't wait to see what God does!

If you're interested in playing in one of our upcoming night please contact Katie at

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