• Josh Dominguez

CP News: Christian Counseling at The Cracked Pot

If you've been at any of our recent Friday Night Worship and Music nights at The Cracked Pot, you may have met Tyler Schuhly or other friendly faces from In Him Christian Wellness. We are proud of the partnership that has developed between our two organizations. With like-minded passions for The Lord, we have linked arms to provide a much needed service to our community that is needed in the times we live in.

In Him Christian Wellness is an organization like none other. They provide Biblically-based and person-centered counseling for individuals, couples, and families, as well as psycho-educational services for groups and churches. They also have therapists who specialize in child-centered play therapy. With services ranging from Counseling, Nutritionist Services, Massage Services, Creative Arts and Mind, Body & Soul Services they have something for everyone.

They take a person-centered approach in that each individual is respected, regardless of faith or behaviors, and is afforded the personal space to change and grow. Clients participate in the development of treatment goals and treatment delivery through an interactive and healthy therapeutic relationship.

Tyler Schuhly, whom is a therapist with In Him Christian Wellness, will be joining us at our Fri

day Night Worship & Music nights. With no agenda in mind, he comes willing to talk and listen to those who are going through life's struggles. So if that's you, and you're struggling internally please come and Tyler will be there to serve you. We have enjoyed having In Him Christian Wellness with us and look forward to enhancing our partnership as we serve our community.

You can learn more about them at and learn more about the extensive services that they offer.

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